Dummies guide to getting Ab`s



When most people start to think about how much they`d like to have ab`s, or should I say visible ab`s, the general chain of thought goes something like this.


I must get fit, sort my diet out, join a gym, do x amount of sit up`s every day, keep at it for weeks deprive myself of everything I like to eat forever blah blah blah. And that’s where; for the everyday man and woman in the street it normally ends. Too much stress, too much hassle…


The purpose of this article is to try and break down some of the myths, untruth`s call them what you like about how to get yourself some visible ab`s  and fit it in with a real life, job, kids etc etc. You might be surprised to know that, no,  you don`t specifically have to get “fit” which in most peoples minds means slaving it out in a gym on a piece of cardio equipment that makes them lose the will to live. No it doesn`t mean deprive yourself of everything you like forever. Sure dedication and will power will be required but I`m all about making it as easy as possible to get the desired result. Because the more minimal impact it has on your everyday life, the more likely you are to stick to it. You don`t need to be a “hero” doing 3 hours exercise a day or “hardcore” or any other label that people put on how or why they may look good. You don`t have to do thousands of sit ups, in fact I hardly do any. Getting ab`s is all about revealing them. Most people including you. Yes you, already have a set of ab`s going on somewhere… The problem you and most other people who try and then give up is that you`ve never  actually “revealed” them and herein lies the truth about getting  ab`s. It`s not about doing endless sit up`s to build them because you can do that all day long if you like but you`ll never see them and you`ll give up. The only way you`ll ever see your ab`s is if your body fat percentage is low enough, and that is I believe within everybodys grasp. The most important line in this article is written below and will be the deciding factor on whether or not you can or ever will have ab`s that are visible because you`ve got your bodyfat percentage to a low enough level to “reveal” them


Get yourself into a calorie deficit on a consistent basis



I did`nt mention gyms, fitness or anything else there. Read it again.


Now, after you`ve read that again, we have to determine the best way to bring about that calorie defecit. If I was to tell you that a 30 minute jog four times a week burns x amount of calories, that’s all well and good. But there will be people who either physically can`t, don`t want to, can`t be bothered because it`s hard or any other plethora of reasons wouldn`t commit to doing that…


What if I was to tell you then that four 45 minute brisk walks a week will burn you roughly the same amount of calories as the above mentioned 30 minute jogs… Sure it won`t get you as “fit” as you would if you were to jog it but that isn`t and wasn`t my point. I said it will burn the same amount of calories. Now I defy any able bodied person who even moderately cares about their physical appearance not to be able to commit to doing at least that to start with. In later issues I will talk about combining some resistance work; which again doesn`t necessarily involve a gym, to go along with the calorie burning which tightens, tones and shapes the body.


Next thing and probably the most important is the diet side of things. I have a formula which I call my Iso-Calorific eating solution that I believe will work for anybody striving for low bodyfat based on a calculation of  lean body mass. Again I`m all about how to make it as easy and liveable as possible. Yeah I said that. I couldn`t care less if that doesn`t make me a gym hero or hardcore, I`m all about the end result and getting there in as easier way as possible. Who doesn`t like the idea of that…


More to follow at   paulamosfitness.com   …


Some of my observations and thoughts that might help you.

1 – There are 24 Hours in a day. Be active for 1 of those. If you don`t or can`t do that, then your concern for your general well being and physical fitness is too far down your list of priorities and you need to re-asses them.


2– Girls. Lift Weights. That will sort  “the back of your arms” out quicker than starting the soup diet again on Monday.. Oh and i promise you the first time you do lift weights you won`t wake up the very next day speaking in an Austrian accent saying “I`ll be Back” to everyone that crosses your path.



3 – Boys. Don`t try and wear My Olympia`s shoes, they won`t fit you despite Flex Magazine telling you they will.



4 – Whilst eliminating all grains, proccessed food, eating steak and nuts for breakfast and doing upwards of 45 work sets a day in double training sessions on less than 120g of carbs a day may have been proven to be the ideal way to go for optimum body composition, and i don`t doubt that. It probably doesn`t realise that you have 2 jobs, 3 kids, a college course, a mortgage, the school run or any of the above. Everything you read whilst scientifically proven through research, isn`t always gold when you put it into practice.


5 – Don`t believe or get sucked in by everything you read. If you get the results you want from doing 3 handstands a week, then do 3 handstands a week. Don`t do 4 forward rolls because someone bigger than you told you to, they don`t walk in your shoes.



6 – Eat Berries, Vegetables and Essential fats. Just do.



7 – Go Hard or go home.. Well how about leave the badge of honour of squat until your eyes pop out or you throw up etc in the draw and go moderate or go home and actually complete a 10-12 week block of training that is moderately progressive and you don`t give up or change course after 2 or 3 weeks because you hate it, can`t be consistent with it, and you fear your i`m a hero programme. More people than are honest enough to admit it do this.


8 – As far as i`m aware no-one ever died of a weak Bicep or a weak Calf. Your heart is your most important muscle.


9 – Contrary to popular belief, you don`t need to change what you do every week to “shock” or “confuse” your muscles. I`ve yet to hear one of my muscles say to me, “You used a Barbell this week and you did the week before, therefore i shall not grow or respond.” Your muscle isn`t that intelligent, it recognises a progressive stimulus and with the correct nutrition responds accordingly. It`s more difficult to track your progress if you`re constantly “Changing it  up”


10 –  Illness or Injury aside, if you`ve said of your training “I`m just getting back into it” more than 3 times in the last few years, then what you`re doing isn`t working for you and you should adjust it.




Paul Amos